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KP Technology offers a spectrum of dedicated Kelvin probe systems specially developed for applications in a variety of environments, ranging from ambient, controlled atmosphere and relative humidity through to ultra-high vacuum. No other company offers our equipment expertise or range of products, which provide reliable and repeatable measurements. Our Ambient Pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy system is unique in the world, holding patents in the UK and internationally.

Ambient Pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy
Ambient Pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy with Nitrogen Environment
Relative Humidity Kelvin Probe
Scanning Kelvin Probe
Single-Point Kelvin Probe
Surface Photovoltage
Ultra-high Vacuum Kelvin Probe
Ultra-high Vacuum Scanning Kelvin Probe
Ultra-high Vacuum Ф4 Kelvin Probe
Bespoke design

We can accommodate client choice of tip sizes, translator movement, port adaptors and non-standard mounting angles. We have substantial experience with atypical Kelvin probe application such as high or low temperature, sample temperature ramping and unusual suspension systems. We are happy to advise on appropriate measurement techniques under a wide range of experimental protocols.

KP Technology continues to explore and expand the frontiers of work function imaging. It is a world-leader in the exploration of future development pathways in specialist large scale scanning Kelvin probes, corrosion, polymer electronics and biotechnology.

All KP Technology systems come complete with a test or reference sample that serves to test the system in air. Together with our 50 page user manual and 'getting started' guides, the novice user is taken through system set-up and initial measurements. The appropriate software package and data acquisition system are pre-installed on the PC. All the investigator has to do to get started is plug in the cables, switch on the power and enable the probe vibration using the factory default parameter set.

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