An introduction to our best-selling APS04 system.

The Ambient-pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy (APS) system measures the absolute work function of a material by photoemission in ambient conditions, no vacuum is required. The excitation range of APS is 3.4 eV to 7.0 eV, meaning that APS is capable of measuring the absolute work function of metals and the ionisation potential of semiconductors alongside measurement of the surface Fermi level with the Kelvin probe.

This system comes with an SPV and SPS source, therefore the full bands of semiconductors can be measured in one complete desktop system; no other product in the world can do this.



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Kelvin probe 3-axis scanning
Surface Photovoltage
Surface Photovoltage Specroscopy
Tip material / diameter2 mm gold tip
CPD resolution1 - 3 meV
Height control (auto)25 mm automatic
Kelvin probe mode and PE modeCPD and photoemission measurements
CPD measurement timeCPD measurements in <1 minute
PE resolutionFull photoemission measurement
WF measurement timePE measurements in <5 minutes
DOS measurementsFull access to DOS information
Optical systemColour camera with zoom and monitor for positioning
OscilloscopeDigital TFT oscilloscope for real time signal
Test sampleGold, aluminium, and silver test samples
Faraday enclosure base (mm)450 x 450 mm optical and Faraday enclosure
Control suppliedPC control with dedicated software
Patented technologyUS:8866505 / GB:2439439 / GB:2495998 / EU:2783205 / JP:6018645
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