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Ultra-high Vacuum Kelvin Probe

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UHVKP Corner Cube: Shown here mounted on breadboard with camera and monitor

Our range of Ultra-high Vacuum Kelvin Probes gives the user full access to work function and contact potential difference (CPD) measurements under vacuum. Each system comes with a high quality manual or motorized translator that enables reliable and accurate tip-to-sample positioning, and the unrivalled tracking system holds the tip separation constant at all times during the measurement. Even under vacuum, the work function resolution is 1 - 3 meV.

The dedicated software allows full digital control of all parameters to match the exact requirements of the sample under investigation. The recorded data is easily exportable to analysis software.

The UHV Kelvin Probe can be mounted to the user's existing UHV chamber or KP Technology Ltd offers an elegant UHVKP cell system (UHVKP Corner Cube) that can be used for ambient, UHV or gaseous measurements. This cell is completely modular and a host of additional extras can be added-on.

Latest materials and applications from publications

Solar cells, lead sulfide quantum dots, oxide thin films, silicon terminated diamond, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, cerium oxide films.

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Systems & specifications

UHVKP Corner Cube

UHVKP020 UHVKP corner cube
Tip material / diameter 4 mm - 10 mm stainless steel tip (other diameters available)
Work function resolution 1 - 3 meV
Standard translator 50 mm manual translator
Motorised translator sizes 50 mm or 100 mm manual or motorized translators
Height control (auto) Approximately 1 - 5 mm by DC offset (unless motorized)
Visualisation Single-point work function/contact potential difference scans
Oscilloscope Digital TFT oscilloscope for real time signal
Options SPS/SPV/APS capabilities
Test sample Available on request
Control supplied USB control with dedicated software PC control with dedicated software
Detection system Off-null with parasitic capacity rejection
Mounting geometry Normal to sample surface
Mounting port DN40/CF70 (2.75 inch) OD
Vacuum compatibility 2 x 10-11 mBar
Flange to sample distance User defined
UHV cell Not included 2.75" six port cell
Warranty Twelve months
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