Prof Ji-Seon Kim’s Group (Imperial College London)

The principal research in my group focuses on this fundamental issue, seeking to understand and establish the correlation between nanostructures of functional materials and the performance of associated devices and hence develop soft plastic electronics for next generation technology. Our current research is progressing towards establishing a solid science platform in the field of nanoscale functional materials including organic, organic/inorganic hybrids, perovskites, biomaterials and their related applications. We also develop novel nanometrology for controlling and analysing these functional materials. For our research, the APS04 system has become an important part of our lab. The techniques available have become a new group specialisation. Alongside supporting our own research, they have also enabled many exciting collaborations with other academics and industrial partners. We utilize the APS and Kelvin probe capabilities to measure the electronic energy levels and the intraband trap states of functional materials easily and reproducibly. We also use surface photovoltage (SPV) and surface photovoltage spectroscopy (SPS) to investigate the optoelectronic processes such as photo charge carrier generation and recombination occurring at the interfaces of device stacks. Measuring these properties enables us to understand the differences we see in device performance, making these techniques invaluable to our research. The support from KP Technology has always been great and one of our PhD students was part-funded by KP Technology, which allowed for interesting research to be carried out under close collaboration.

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