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KP Technology

KP Technology was founded with the aim of bringing to the market new surface research tools. These tools would firstly allow specialists to investigate surface phenomena, secondly provide equipment pathways for non-specialists, and finally educate scientists, engineers and technologists in the capabilities of these emerging technologies.

Since inception in 2000, KP Technology has experienced rapid growth and now services over 250 companies and research institutes worldwide in their materials research and characterisation requirements. Our team consists of electronic and software engineers, materials research associates, training, sales and administrative staff.

KP Technology also performs a significant amount of material research and training consultancy, mostly based upon the work function or surface potential evaluation of client samples. The company's strong research and development division and the fact that over 500 systems have been shipped to 40 countries worldwide, has placed KP Technology as the leading supplier of Kelvin probes in the world.

KP Technology is currently recruiting gifted software developers, graduate physicists and electronic engineers.

If you reside in the UK / Europe and have graduated in the last 2 to 3 years please contact us if you are interested in joining our team.

Professor Iain Baikie

Professor Iain D. Baikie MBE is the CEO and founder of KP Technology. He began developing Kelvin probes for surface analysis in the early 1980's and has over 37 years of experience with development and applications. Professor Baikie is the inventor of the Off-null, height regulated (ONHR) Kelvin probe system.

Professor Baikie has held tenures at universities and research institutes in Europe and the USA, and has previously been chairman of a UK university physics group. He has published extensively in the fields of surface science and materials research and has pioneered the introduction of modern educational tools in physics education.

KP Technology
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