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This Ultra High Vacuum Kelvin Probe Corner Cube Training System includes a UHV head unit, tip amplifier (located at the mounting port), digital control unit (DCU) and host PC. The tip can be retracted 50 mm from the sample and approaches normal to the sample. The system comes complete with a user manual, which includes an introduction to work function measurements and a detailed description of the system software, including examples.

The UHVKP corner cube training system comprises of an optical table, camera/camera monitor, DCU, PC, monitor, oscilloscope and system software. The software features user digital control of probe amplitude, probe frequency, mean spacing, tip potential. Automatic measurement of Kelvin Probe signal, work function and work function averaging, automatic control of tip to sample mean spacing. Additional signal channel available. Export of data to Excel compatible spreadsheets.

Tip Size4 mm
Constant Spacing ControlManual ± 250 μm with <100 nm resolution via programmable DC Offset
Work Function resolution1-3 meV
Mounting PortCF 70 (2.75 inch) OD
Digital TFT OscilloscopeIncluded
Test SampleDN40 Stainless Steel
Spare Tip AmplifierIncluded
Digital control ofTip amplitude, frequency, mean spacing and potential
AveragingSignal and work function averaging
Detection systemOff-null with parasitic capacity rejection
Mounting GeometryNormal to Sample Surface
System includesSet-up guide and cables
Manual translation50 mm
Rotary PumpsNot Included
Sample Heater StageOptional
Warranty2 Years
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