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Scanning Kelvin Probe

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SKP5050: Scanning capability of 50 mm x 50 mm

Our large range of Scanning Kelvin Probes gives the user full access to 2D and 3D Work Function plots of samples ranging in size from 50 mm to 350 mm. With work function resolution of 1 - 3 meV, and the spatial resolution of the probe tip diameter (0.05 mm with our SKP5050 model), the Scanning Kelvin Probe gives reliable, repeatable measurements for work function, contact potential difference and Volta potential.

A high performance optical/Faraday enclosure shields all of our scanning systems from unwanted fast changing environmental conditions, electromagnetic interference and provides the perfect platform for our Ambient Pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy and Surface Photovoltage add-on modules.

Latest materials and applications from publications

Corrosion protection, carbon steel, thin films, solar cells, molybdenum oxide, zinc oxide nanowire films, quantum dots, hole-transport, nanoparticles, graphene, organic light emitting diodes.

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Systems & specifications


SKP5050 ASKP100100 ASKP200250 ASKP350350
Tip material / diameter Standard 2 mm gold tip (0.05 mm available on request)
Work function resolution 1 - 3 meV
Sample scan size 50 x 50 mm 100 x 100 mm 200 x 250 mm 350 x 350 mm
3D sample area Square Square Square Square and circular
Height control (auto) 25 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Visualisation 3D map of surface potential
Optical system Colour camera with zoom lens and monitor
Oscilloscope Digital TFT oscilloscope for real time signal
Test sample Gold and aluminium test sample
Faraday enclosure base 450 x 450 mm 300 x 300 mm 450 x 450 mm 450 x 600 mm
Control supplied PC control with dedicated software for full control of all parameters
Detection system Off-null with parasitic capacity rejection
Warranty Twelve months
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