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Relative Humidity Kelvin Probe

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RHC040: Scanning capability, relative humidity control (20-85%) and nitrogen atmosphere

The Relative Humidity Kelvin Probe (RHC) systems are the ideal solution for monitoring samples in a controlled atmosphere for contact potential difference (CPD)/work function (Φ) measurements. The RHC systems have the ability to automatically control the relative humidity within the chamber from 20% to 85% using the easily programmable software.

As well as RH control, the RHC020 and RHC040 Kelvin probe systems come with the KP Technology Scanning Kelvin Probe platform, perfect for plotting the effect of corrosion over the surface of a sample and providing more insight into corrosion protection and resistance.

The RHC030 and RHC040 come with nitrogen atmosphere control with the ability to go down to <1% oxygen within the system.

Latest materials and applications from publications

Perovskite nanocrystals, polymer solar cells, light alloys, organic photovoltaics, indium tin oxide, cerium oxide thin films, corrosion resistance.

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Systems & specifications


RHC010 RHC020 RHC030 RHC040
Tip material / diameter 2 mm stainless steel tip
Work function resolution 1 - 3 meV
Sample scanning Single-point 50 x 50 mm Single-point 50 x 50 mm
Relative humidity control Automatic: 20 - 80%
Atmospheric control RH only RH only Oxygen <1% Oxygen <1%
Optical system Front window Colour camera
Oscilloscope Digital TFT oscilloscope for real time signal
Test sample Gold and aluminium sample
Breadboard footprint 900 x 600 mm
Control supplied PC with dedicated software
Detection system Off-null with parasitic capacity rejection
Warranty Twelve months
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