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Bespoke design

KP Technology has a sound background in scientific measurement and instrumentation, including first hand experience in the requirements of the scientific community. Our wealth of experience, from the needs of the user through the design process and on to manufacture, is invaluable to our working methods and practice.

We are able to supply bespoke systems to meet the technical needs of the customer; from varying sizes of Kelvin probe tips to completely bespoke systems. Our in-house team of experts are here to help get the right system for you.

If you are interested in discussing a bespoke project with us then please get in contact.

Bespoke tip solution for ultra-high vacuum Kelvin probe


The client needed an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) Kelvin probe to perform their measurements at CERN. However, they had a problem with the positioning of the chamber relative to the UHV probe. We designed a bespoke tip for the Kelvin probe that allowed the user to measure the work function at a specific angle (i.e. not perpendicular to the probe).

Surface photovoltage spectroscopy and advanced scanning Kelvin probe

Mbraun Inc.

The client wanted to shine multiple wavelengths of light upon their large silicon samples. We redesigned our surface photovoltage spectroscopy (SPS) and advanced scanning Kelvin probe (ASKP) systems in order to do this. This gave the client the ability to perform 150 x 200 mm scans with varying wavelength and intensity. The system was to be placed inside their glove box systems, therefore we designed a tri-fold door for ease of use on the front of the enclosure.

Multi-system for gas flow-through and LED


The customer had samples that had to be measured under varying gases. We based our design on a ultra-high vacuum cell and added Swagelok adaptors for gas flow-through. The sample was mounted on a bespoke 25 mm manual translator. The system also contained surface photovoltage LEDs mounted inside the cell.

Ambient Kelvin probe with multi-wavelength LEDs

Loyola University of Chicago

The customer wanted a bespoke surface photovoltage spectroscopy system using a series of multi-wavelength LEDs. The system was developed with 6 LEDs in total, 2 pairs of visible spectrum LEDs and a pair of LEDs in the ultra-violet spectrum.

Rotational axis to measure spent brass bullet casings

Portland Police Department

The customer was a criminologist with the Portland Police Department, who needed to measure latent fingerprints from spend 9 mm rounds. We designed and built a Kelvin probe system that has the 9 mm casing mounted on a rotational axis and scanned in 3 axes. The Kelvin probe tips were also designed at a dimension to pick up fingerprint ridge detail.

Bespoke ultra-high vacuum flange

Oxford Instruments

The client is a producer of large multi-systems that require a bespoke mounting solution. We had designed a bespoke flange with various adaptors for the client. This allows them to mount our ultra-high vacuum Kelvin probe onto their own system and perform work function measurements. 

Kelvin probe system capable of spherical scanning

Chinese Space Agency

The client wanted to be able to do Kelvin probe measurements on spherical-shaped samples. In order to do this, we designed and built the world's only 6-axis Kelvin probe. The system is the only Kelvin probe in existence that can scan spherical samples.

Ultra-high vacuum multi-system

Nanyang Technological University

We provided the client with a customised ultra-high vacuum multi-system with fast access door, sample heater stage and motorised Z-axis for automatic tip approach. The client then upgraded to a surface photovoltage spectroscopy system, which we had to design a fibre holder for the front of the multi-system to allow light injection into the vacuum chamber.

Customised tips

We design Kelvin probe tips in-house, with sizes ranging from 0.05 - 30 mm. Whether it is a sharp, flat, angled, holed or mesh tip in gold, gold coating, platinum or stainless steel, we can offer a wide variety of options depending on your requirements.

Designed sample holders

We can tailor our sample holders to the client's specification. Whether you require to shine light from the bottom of the sample, rotate the samples, angle them, secure them in place with spring clips, measure 4", 6" or 12" wafers or make use of tapped sample holders for multi-sample mounting - we can offer a large range of options. The image shown is of our rotational sample holder.

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