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The application I am working with requires a very specific lighting configuration with control of wavelength and interference filters. Can your system accommodate this?

We currently supply SPV modules with at least 60% of our Kelvin Probe orders and although these are mainly high brightness white light LEDs, for simple surface Photovoltage applications, i.e. Illuminated Work Function - Dark Work Function. We can also provide custom solutions for example we recently supplied a system with multiple LEDs spanning wavelengths from visible light to UV (manually variable by means of an external selection box).

So in answer to your question, the wavelength or wavelengths can easily be customised, we can accommodate a number of colours via a manual junction box. In the coming months we will have a new electronics system that will provide automatic selection of 8 LEDs.

Alternatively it is possible to combine the 150 W QTH source with interference filters. We could develop a bespoke solution for manual or automated filter selection. If you note our SPV030 source, a motorized Linear Variable Filter developed in house, you can appreciate that this is an area we have a lot of experience in. Of course if you wanted to use your own filter/mounts, we would work with you to suggest a solution.

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